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Hello world!

5 May, 2008

Meet The Wood Shepherd!  The philosophical side of woodworking!

Why woodwork?  Now there is a question. 

I’m very involved in learning yacht design, and my instructor/mentor has summed up yachts, which most of us view as an unnecessary luxury (because we want one and can’t afford it,) very simply.  Most of us no longer earn our living using boats as a tool to catch fish or lobsters with.  That leaves us with the sole reason we design boats, build boats, and sail boats, is to make ourselves happy.  Happiness is certainly a noble pursuit.  Using that logic then, the reason I may build a table or a guitar is to make someone happy.  It may be someone who is playing the guitar and that certainly doesn’t exclude the joy of the process brings me, but nonetheless the guitarist is playing in order to make someone happy (including the guitarist) as well, and thus it goes on.

During our journey together I hope to talk with you about building things out of wood.  Those things might be a really cool guitar, or a beautiful Queen Anne bonnet-top highboy chest, or perhaps it is even a Whitehall rowing dinghy.  Maybe I’ll teach you something about it, maybe you’ll teach me.  But the journey will make us both happy!