The Wall, with apologies to Pink Floyd

In keeping with this whole “Community of Believers” thing that seems to be happening in my woodworking life right now, I’ve come to note that woodworkers are among the funniest people on the internet.  I’m not talking about some mindless physical three-stooges comedy (a good reason NOT to have a webcam in my shop, btw…) but people who can look at life and truly enjoy it.  And each other.

Have you ever noticed how many woodworking terms have emerged from podcasts, blogs, and listservs?  The OldTools listserv even has a glossary for “jargon” reference.  I mean, of course, the list jargon, not what separates a breast drill from a post drill.  An individual becomes passionate about something, whips out a term and throws it against the wall, and it sticks.

To wit: Somewhere between Marc and Matt, the term “The Schwartz” has found it’s place in woodworking nomenclature.  “Galoot” and “Neanderthal” go way back as badges of honor.  I see now that “Scary Sharp” has become a commonplace method.  It looks like “shwag” is taking off, too (I had to look that one up.  Drug culture?  Really!)

This is a very small cross-sampling observed by an admitted wordsmith.  It might be worth putting together a living, breathing lexicon of some of these newer terms.  Throw some of your favorite terms against my wall!


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4 Responses to “The Wall, with apologies to Pink Floyd”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Great googly moogly, I hadn’t thought about all the words now in the common vernacular thanks to podcasting. All we need is for this post to get Schwarz’d and the galoots of the world will have a hero to follow into their flea market toolishness for some good ole fashioned wood dust high from sawdusty goodness.

    Special thanks to Marc, Matt, and Dave for my vocabulary lesson.

  2. thewoodshepherd Says:

    Tip of the iceberg, my friend! has a brief listing of a sampling of the lingo, guaranteed to boggle the new Galoot’s mind. It offers a somewhat historical perspective… I don’t think it’s been updated in years. Thanks for posting!

  3. Harley130 Says:

    I really think that the term “shwag” has been confused with the word “shwah”, which means “wicked cool”. Especially since “Shwag” is such a derogatory urban drug term.

  4. thewoodshepherd Says:

    I’m sort of a country boy, so all the urban stuff is a little bit foreign to me. Actually, I’m only familiar with the term “shwag” because Matt Vanderlist of “Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast” fame happens to use the term for some pretty cool give-aways, none of which I’ve won yet. People keep writing in to him, “Hey, let me win some shwag. Pick me! Pick me!!”

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