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As Your Stomach Turns (over)

21 October, 2008

I’m supposed to be all busted up, worried, angry, frustrated, and all five stages of grief all at once.  About two weeks ago the stable owner of the stable company I was working for called a bunch of us together and told us that we could come in the next day and get our stuff, or we could take it with us as we left, along with our barely adequate severance packages.  No surprise, and in a large company (from my parochial perspective), knowing that I was one of at least half of the company that was finally succumbing to the sub-prime loan debacle was just news that I was expecting.  Still, I have all kinds of sympathy for the owner as he performed one of his hardest duties with decorum and integrity.  I even told him that.

The thing is, I’m not all busted up.

I’ve been wanting to launch out as a woodworker and luthier for a while, and my wife and I always received just one more medical bill in the mail, or… you know.  Well, a year of listening to Dan Miller ( has come home with me; I’m an entrepreneur.  I’m free to flame out, and just as free to make my first million.  Nobody can “downsize” me (why can’t we call it a “lay-off” anymore, or even just “termination?”)  By the same token, I cannot ride anyone else’s coat-tails into the sunset of mediocrate.  It’s all out there, for all the world to see.

How does it feel?  I’ll tell you.  It feels GREAT!